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Let's go over the most important parts of Medicare & Medicaid


What healthcare options are available to people on disability and/or those turning 65?

There are several federal programs available to provide you with affordable health care options. 

  • Original Medicare

  • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

  • Other Options for Medicare Coverage

Let's visit about the options you have.


How do I qualify for Extra Help (State Assistance)?

Lesser income people may qualify for assistance to include lower prescription drug costs and Part B coverage in their state. Contact Kristy for information on how to apply.


How do I enroll in Medicare?

Kristy Buras is here to help you get started with your plan today. Give her a call and set up your appointment: 504-788-2675.


When should I sign up for Medicare? 

Generally, you should sign up for Medicare benefits 3 months prior or 3 months after your 65th birthday. Contact Kristy for help.


What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? 

Medicare is a federally based program and Medicaid is a state-based program that can help with expenses Medicare doesn't cover. To see if you qualify for assistance, contact Kristy.


Foreign Travel Insurance

Original Medicare generally doesn’t cover care outside the U.S.  Talk to me about insurance when traveling overseas.

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